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Using Agile methodology & strategic planning processes to promote sustainable business growth

Mersi Solutions guides federal and commercial clients in discovering their potential with proven Agile project management methodology. We offer many project and quality management consulting services that give executives and their teams the tools to implement and maintain changes using the Agile Scrum framework. 


Our experienced team of business strategy consultants lends over 15 years of project management and systems engineering expertise to our clients, helping them effectively realize their long-term goals. We deliver project management guidance and training that creates successful growth and adds value to the organization.

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Meet Mersi 

Mersi Suliman founded Mersi Solutions in 2017 with the goal of delivering exceptional project management consulting and systems engineering to businesses seeking process improvement.


Mersi’s expertise is derived from more than 15 years working in the field of quality and project management, building reliable solutions for teams using waterfall, Agile, and hybrid management methodologies.


Among many other project management certifications, Mersi is a Certified Scrum Master and CMMI Associate. Her Dual Masters in Health Care Management and Information Technology lend to her indispensable dexterity in process management and optimization, leadership development, and quality assurance. Mersi’s working knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle and Agile delivery drive continuous improvement within the organizations she serves.


Mersi’s extensive background facilitates IT project management, software development, and systems engineering improvement for every business. Through Mersi Suliman’s years of achievement in project management, Mersi Solutions LLC delivers exceptional business strategy development and builds lasting operational success.




Strategic Planning Processes, Business Growth, Business Strategy Consultants, Agile Methodology
Strategic Planning Processes, Business Growth, Business Strategy Consultants, Agile Methodology

Our Mission 

Mersi Solutions strives to build strong systems, relationships, and leadership within each organization we serve through innovative process building and Agile training techniques. We engineer tailored project management solutions for our clients in order to improve their systems, elevate their customers’ experience, and grow their business.

How We Can Help 

We offer comprehensive project management and systems engineering solutions for any organization. Contact us to learn how our services can promote effective business strategy and processes that create new opportunities from time-tested positive changes.

Agile Project Management, Agile Change Management, Business Consulting, Systems Engineering, Business Strategy Consultants

Mersi Solutions offers customized Agile project management consulting and coaching services to create business value and ensure long-term growth.


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